It is not entirely uncommon for Child Protective Services (CPS) to get involved in a family situation based on false accusations. There are many cases in which CPS is notified by neighbors or other community members that report child abuse or neglect based on mere suspicion. These notifications are often the result of people outside the family being over-concerned and do not involve any real evidence that violates laws for children. If you are facing false accusations and the threat of a CPS investigation or court hearing, call our law offices today for a free consultation. For nearly three decades, our skilled and experienced attorneys have handled cases with child protection services with great success.

Even if the accusations are false, it is still important to take these matters seriously. If a case with CPS does end up in court, you could be facing a termination of your rights as a parent, which ultimately leads to an end of the parent-child relationship. Although this is a worst-case scenario and usually only happens in dire circumstances when there is substantial evidence of abuse or neglect, it is still a possibility. Before you situation with child protection gets out of control, give us a call today. Our legal representatives will be glad to speak with you at any time, day or night. They will offer you clear and sound advice on what your next course of action should be concerning your family and CPS. For further consultation set up an appointment to stop by one of our conveniently located offices, and speak with one of our legal experts face to face.